What is Eva Foam Tool Box Insert? Foam Insert Factory Design Experinces

Why We use Eva Foam For Tool box Insert?

Stable and durable EVA foam insert, which can also be used as a barrier, can be used in eva foam tool box insert packaging. These products, which can be produced in different colors, in different interior sizes and designs, and produced with special methods (such as CNC, Waterjet, Diecut ) according to customer design. This product is also extra durable. It prevents  product it protects from breaking and being damaged when it is hit or transporting or shipping time. This eva foam has a special use in plastic case, cardboard box, wooden crate; It can be used with adhesive tape or without tape, as well as with special plastic products such as polyethylene, epdm, polyurethane foam. All you have to do to choose the right product of yours and  send us your project as a file. We will cut special EVA sponge material for your box. So we try to explain what is eva foam tool box insert. Here our contact details below and we are located in istanbul-Turkey. And we are a contracted foam insert manufactury and supplier company using different kind of material.

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Application and Manufacturing Process For Eva Foam Inserts

According to customer needs, Eva material in different thicknesses can be cut in different lengths and shapes. In this direction, we will be sharing the popular and effective manufacturing steps as Tekno Kesim.  First of all, we need some detailed information. Will the Toolbox be used as an insert or a transport separator? Do you have an image or 3d file? Are there external dimensions and hardness values? Otherwise, we will optionally share it with you with our offer file.

Advantages of Using Toolbox Kaizen Foam

Generally, shadow foam insert products can be used for tool organization in factory or plant area under quality management, as well as for sales and display purposes by hardware companies use these with their own the brands. We will try to explain the 5S applications later for eva foam tool box insert. Low-volume productions for inserts (like 5-10 pieces) can also be made, but there is also a design cost. We may also need to make  factory visit. We generally consider these projects as in-case dividers.

  • Water and common chemical resistant
  • Easy to clean, simply wipe off any mess
  • UV resistance keeps the colours vivid
  • Anti-static/ESD characteristics
  • 100% Recyclable PE Foam (where available)
  • Colour types and custom thickness available 

Specification of Eva Foam Insert for Tool Box Projects

Black, gray (anthracite), white are the standard colors and double colors are generally used for both customer experience and brand advantage. In addition, if there is a tool forgotten in plastic or aluminium case, it can be easily seen. Thats why we would like to suggest using with red, orange, blue or yellow thickness. Total thickess depens on clients specification but we are using 24mm thickness 4+20mm with different hardness.

Example images above is an economical product type prepared as a basic. Sizes and measurements can be prepared according to customer dimensions, but as you can see, it consists of 2 layers and is shaped in our factory with die-cut production method. Molds are made according to the design and cutting process is completed and eva foam insert projects are completed. In some cases, brands that want to offer their private label tool products to the market contact us and get information about our services. What they need will be a box, case or a different carrying apparatus.

Following information is required in order to prepare a price file for the Eva tool box insert. “Quantity of the project, Color of the eva foam insert, the external dimensions of the project or inside dimensions of box and images of the products to be placed in the box” Then we will be asked to have the original drawings. We can also draw for you if we have the sample. Minimum order quantity could be 300 pieces for this kind of products because we need to make a dir-cut cutting mold according to your drawing to finish eva foam tool box insert.


Which brands do we serve? For which products can you use Eva foam Insert?

If you have products in following industries and want to take more place in the market and increase your sales, if you need Eva foam insert product, do not hesitate to ask us a question.

“Wrenches, Pullers, hand tools, Pliers, Electronic Screwdrivers, Socket and Rims, Internal Pullers, Workshop Trollers, Tool Sets, Shears, Calipers and Some measurement  Tools, Torches, hammers, spanners, pliers, spirit levels, clambs and more.  We need to point out that not only eva material is used as an insert solution. Check here to see more images. Polyethylene and even polyurethane materials are products that can be used instead of custom eva foam inserts.

CNC Eva Foam Insert Cutting Ideas for Tool Inserts

Another method is the CNC cutting process. When cutting with CNC machines, different layers (3-4-5 layers) can be created. Thus, the balance of small parts and large parts is provided healthier. For example, if you want to use 35 mm eva and you are going to add a special product with both 5 mm thickness and 30 mm thickness, it would be a healthier solution. We can achieve this with the die-cut production method, but it is difficult to be effective. Your project file prepared with 3d solidworks, catia or autocad for the CNC machine operation we need. Thus, we complete the production. Below are some project examples. This is another option for eva foam tool box insert method. Here you can find more images below.

Production, Shipping Qality for Eva Foam Isert Projects about Tool Box?

After project file is shaped and finished and we decide that we will cut the product in the quality you need,  project file is sent to you with sample. Our shipment area could be to European countries by land. (We can easily ship to countries such as “Bulgaria, Poland, Serbia, Austria, Russia, Hungary, France, Albania, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Czechia”. Even though our visits are limited due to Covid, We would like to visit you anytime, so that we can decide on the right material more easily and develop our relations better. In addition for countries such as middle east region or North America, we can ship by sea.

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