Foam Insert Solutions For Boxes

Why Is Foam Insert so Important for Packaging

Before we start describing foam insert projects, we will discuss about why packaging is so important. If you think this way as a business owner or a client. Product packaging plays a more important role in consumer decisions than you might think. A product’s packaging speaks volumes, from what the product can do for your customers to your company’s values . As we are Tekno kesim our ambition is improving your brand value. Some argue that the packaging is just as important as the product itself, because it is an important marketing and communication tool for your business. Start thinking about your brand packaging and remember the following factors. When you need to use inserts, you should think together with both the box and the separator product inside.

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Add Value to Your Brand with Different Types Of Foam Insert

Foam inserts for boxes materials can consist of many different products. These are  such as polyurethane foam, pe foam, eva, epdm. We will try to give detailed information. There are thousands of products on the market competing for your customers’ attention. Only a third of consumer decision making is based on product packaging. To succeed, your brand packaging needs to stand out and look different from your competitors.  We do this exactly with engineering designs a compilcated marketing and design working thining all of your sub elements such as box, case, products and clients.

With thousands of competitors on the market, you may need to have a story. As we are Tekno Kesim, our main job is  “custom cut box foam” and process. We produce directly proportional to color of your brand and the type of your logo, which will not be scratched during the supply chain. Before making this design, we can go through the following steps. First of all, it will be enough to send us a short e-mail about yourself. We can offer solutions that will increase your added value according to your valume and quantity. We do not manufacture boxes, but we can offer box suppliers with our partners and make box foam insert solutions for you. This could be for gift, promotional box, metal case or plastic hard case or some industrial product for shipping.

How to Choose Materials For Foam Insert Projects?

Color of the product to be exhibited is important together with the packaging. The colors used in your product packaging play an important role in consumer purchasing decisions. Your brain reacts to colors in different ways, so choose your packaging colors accordingly. There are some main products we are using for foam inserts for boxes. One of the is Polyurethan foam with 22 kg/m3 antrasit gray. Here you can find more images below. On the other hand Eva is also so important for gift box solutions. 

Eva foam is a water-repellent, and  shock-resistant product. Although it has different colors, the most preferred and easily available in the market are gray, black and white. Also it has many different qualites from A to C.

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There are many steps in material selection. The most important thing is always the expectation of the customer and also it’s client, but each material has advantages and disadvantages. These expectations are important in determining production method and giving competitive prices. For example, some hardware manufacturers prefer eva foam cutting material. The reason is that product is definitely “never damaged. in transport”  When polyurethane foam is selected, it may not be enough because of its weight and density. Some of our customers, (especially clients in gift, jewelery and cosmetics and essential oil sector)  prefer flock- velvet foam inserts for boxes because of its touch.

What are our Foam Insert Cutting Proces?

If you want to find the right supplier, you also need to know the production methods. We use methods such as water jet, CNC cutting, Die cut for solution about foam insert ideas. Lets check and discuss about step by step how we start cutting process as foam cutting company. Firtly we need dimensions.It is so important to understand quality criterias. Then we are preparing a proforma file for your project and box packaging ideas. Lastly we are shipping a master sample for you to check all quality.


Where We are Located in?

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We have the ability to ship by land, by sea and by air(Such as DHL or Fedex). We have economical options to Europe.  Shipping takes between 9-12 days. There are direct ship transport services between 28-35 days for the North American continent. As can be seen, there are many different specific foam insert for boxes  applications in many different sectors. These sectors are; Automotive, Household appliances, food,  Cosmetic, Education Computer, Build Furniture Internet.However, it should be known that the dynamics of each sector are different and their demands are also different.  Here more ideas.