Foam Insert Ideas for Promotional Box Gift Industry

What kind of Foam Insert Materials We Use?

It can be a difficult issue to determine where and how and for what purpose you should use in-box foam cutting projects and to choose materials, and “Tekno Kesim” can support you from the beginning to the end of this process, from the beginning to the end and the after-sales service. We will try to give you more details about foam insert ideas about many industries such as promotional box, gift and cosmetics. This is a very important moment for create a packing solution. Based on our experience in foam cutting service; we say that right design and material selection from beginning very helpful for creating a brand hsitory and identity. These can be Performance, cost, durability or aesthetics. Tekno Kesim, we can provide you with a wide variety of high quality foam insert types which will meet your criteria. Our team of expert engineers makes the right choice according to color, density, material type and brand.

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What is Process for Foam Insert Organizer Design and Cutting Services?

If you have a sample, technical drawing, image or idea of your product or any descriction, please contact us and share details with quantity. Afterwards, we will be your guide about material selection such as color, thickness, type, technical drawing approval, sample, and mold if any. We will ensure that you use the right product with right process. You will be be a gift box manufacurer or you can totaly create a new brand for any industry. Actually we are custom foam insert expert.  When marketing new products it is crucial to consider that consumers place visual appearance and color above other factors such as sound, smell and texture. It is also necessary to know the psychology of color and how it affects the purchasing process. That’s why it is important to discuss with a foam insert supplier to create a packaging design.

The most important detail is that the product you will carry or display is not broken or damaged during transportation. Our first priority is to prevent the product from being damaged. We are using many kind of foam insert ideas materials as manufacturer company.

Eva Foam Cutting Service For Hardware and Tools

Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate (EVA) is a closed-cell foam. Used for floor and exercise and training (yoga mat) mats, sporting goods, crafts, kickboards, life jackets, flip-flops and more importantly in-box packaging. EVA foam can be thermoformed, cut after plating, . Other parts or materials of EVA can be glued and painted. EVA foam can be of various thicknesses and densities. As we are Tekno Kesim, we are using Eva foam uder roof of foam insert ideas such as hardware tool protective or shipping.

A shaped eva foam appears in image above. Its hard structure, not being affected by water, not breaking, enables it to be used as a heavy material separator in many sectors. These sectors are automotive, factory production, hardware, metal, nickel plating and in some cases ceramics and cosmetics. We can use waterjet, cnc or die-cut process for eva foam insert projects as a manufacturer company.

Polyethylene Foam Insert Ideas and Cutting Die Solutions

It is a durable, lightweight material and easy to manufacture, non-abrasive Polyethylene Foam and dust free. With its excellent shock absorption advantage, it provides excellent protection and durability for the inside of your case and box. In addition, it is resistant to chemicals and moisture. These qualities, combined with excellent vibration damping and insulating properties, make them ideal for packaging heavy items and material handling applications. Tekno Kesim use Polyethylene foam insert for packaging industry to provide and create new designs. You can find some ideas and solutions custom cut foam process.

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Summary about How to make Inserts for Boxes with Foam?

As you can see, there are many applications and solutions and you can find more solutions here visually. It should be known that we would like to add a new one to our foam cutting idea solutions with our experience. After sharing the details with us, we send the catalog and sample to you. We can easily export to Europe (to countries such as Germany, Italy, Greece, Poland). Considering the increased shipping costs, we can choose by land, sea or air. Please free to ask us about minimum order quantity. This materials can be also use of products such as USB, ring, jewelery, seramic, tray, glasss, furniture, electronic or any about foam insert ideas.