Foam Cutting Services for Cosmetic and Gift Boxes

Who We are as Foam Cutting Supplier

Need to cutting foam in a project? Struggling to find exactly what you need? You have a brand about cosmetic, gift, glass, seramic, essential oil or Jewelery? Tekno Kesim is a dedicated company about foam cutting services. We are confident that we have the right solution for you. Our experts will provide you with to find the best material for your project and cut it to the exact size and shape you need. We will try to explain  about details about step by step custom foam insert projects and other materials related to cutting service and also production method.  

We are located in Istanbul-Turkey and support all over the world. Here easy contact details and also mail addres below;

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Foam Cutting Types for Industrial Applications

Many commercial companies use foam inserts for different purposes as in daily life. The product called foam can be polyurethane, open and closed cell polyethylene foam, eva or different performance foams such as epdm rubber. This polymer material, which is mostly stored as blocks, and we are making foam cutting services with waterjet, cnc, die cut or more. It totatly depends on costumer specification and also quality criteria.

promosyon kutusu süngeri
Sünger Kesimi

The examples and applications above are polyurethane material defined as gift box foam insert. It can generally be used for transportation and exhibition purposes. The product is preferred with a light weight and a density of 22 kg/m3. It is not affected by sunlight. It is a preferred material because it is a competitive product when price comparison is made. One of our main product of our as Foam Cutting Supplier.

Flocked Velvet Foam Application for Box Inserts

A more aesthetic touch can be added to the product with the flock or velvet application. Although there are color options, velvet can be selected according to the brand identity or the color of the box.  Flock application can be made on many materials, but we can say that it is much more preferred when flock application is made on polyurethane or eva. As we are foam cutting service supplier, we can use die-cut application and process for jewelery gift box foam insert types. here you may find more applications images below. 


Foam Cutting Types and Foam Cut To Size Process For Marketing And Packaging

Here, we will explain about how we approach customers and what questions we ask. Like a material seen below, we need an image or drawing to understand and prepare cutting process and price quatation as foam cut supplier. And try to best solution for our clients. Then we are preparing 3d computer program such as solidworks or cad. We prepare the technical drawing as follows and tell the necessary sufficient conditions with their tolerances.

sünger kesimi

What type of Questions we are asking as Foam Cutting Factory?

We need to know our customer. Where and for what purpose will he use foam insert? Is it for transport? Will it be used for promotional purposes or in industries such as cosmetic ceramics? Which color is the most suitable? What will be the project quantity of the product? Is it an ongoing project or one-shot? Which warehouse will it be delivered to? Transport organization is also important. Currently, shipping prices have increased in the world and we want to find the most suitable solution. How many samples do you need? Then we we are deciding CNC, waterjet, die cut process. Here you may find more applications about foam cutting services.

More Applications for Custom Foam Packaging about Inserts

We will share some images. There are also give details where you can see the effect of the product on the brand story. We would like to give service for a long-term relationship and w first product we produce and final product must be  same. Minimum order quantitity depends on prosses but  for Europe Union area, we have eco transport option by land and for north America we have a contracte warehouse. This could be an option for amazon , ebay or ecommerce applications for finding foam cutting service. 

Summary About Custom Cut Foam Process about us

Foam insert material, which can be used in many sectors and can be shaped with your imagination, is economically cut according to the purpose of use, packaged appropriately and sent to you. Do not hesitate to call us to get better service. For long-term relationship, we can also visit you and share samples. as foam cutting supplier.