Custom Foam Insert Projects For Better Packaging

There are differences from indsutry to sector in packaging and design “aluminum, plastic, cardboard” bags are used for marketing and transportation and Shipping now. With a simple definition, these products are called “Custom Foam Insert”. Tekno Kesim selects these products together specifications with hardness, density, Colour material and other details with all its engineering studies.  These materials will be compatible with the personality of your brand, increase your quality, and provide better quality products for the same money. Here you can find more detail about our History Below. We are are located in Istanbul-Turkey and giving service non-food brand such as promotion, packaging, cardboard, seramic, glass, paper, wood, nikelaj, auto and more. We will try to give more examples and solutions about custom foam insert.

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Foam Cutting Factory Experinces For Good Relationship

As we  are Tekno Kesim, we do not have a fixed price and Cost for calculating  Custom  Foam insert material. All projects are specific we are designing and manufacturing according to cliend request. We need to understand quantity of project, quality, delivery method, transportation and shipping. All these are effective  and steps for our projects. However, it should be known that we would like to create long-term cases and relationships with our clients. We have been growing with this strategy for years.

There are many cutting methods. We can also apply the foam cutting die process. CNC foam process as well. We need some details which we will apply according to exterior dimensions and interior design of the project changes. So we are waiting your 3d design or 2d images to understand your request clearly to find best solutions about custom foam insert ideas.

Black Polyurethan Foam Insert Material

  • Multi-Purpose: Use the foam for crafts, to create customized case inserts, for packaging, for decorations, for dioramas, for model making. Thickess can be change and also dimensions. Normally we are using 22 kg/mt density about black custom foam insert project and also we can add velvet or flocked application for gift and seramic projects for better touch.
  • Reliable Foam Material: The foam packing sheet is made with a high-quality foam polyurethane material that provides a soft cushion for projects and objects.

Polyethylene Foam Insert Projects on Electronics and Harware Industry

Polyethylene foams are produced in different alternatives between 25 kg m³ and 200 kg m³ densities. Made with quality material with a particular nature, this is a long-lasting option ideal for a range of projects.

  • Uniform cell structure
  • Flexible and lightweight
  • Non-abrasive and non-corrosive
  • Non-toxic and safe
  • Extremely low odour
  • High resilience
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Thermal insulation

This product is generally laminated with a contact adhesive or by heating the surface until it starts to melt and applying pressure to a separate piece. EPE foam is lightweight, flexible and highly resilient, which is an ideal foam material on custom foam insert for protective cushioning and general packaging usage.  

In addition, the reason why it is more preferred is  electronics sector and white goods industry. It can also be an economical solution in hardware, tool, kaizen, 5s applications. It can also be produced in much more complex shapes. It is important to make maximum design with minimum material in order to calculate a healthier price. The purpose of usesage is to prevent goods on during  shipping cargo operation.

Egg Crate Foam Insert

It is a product that we generally prefer to use in the upper cover space of bags or boxes in Custom Foam insert applications. Although this product is used for acoustic purposes in other industries, it is mostly used for aesthetic purposes in our solutions and prevents the product from breaking

Eva Foam Insert Material

We tried to explain here about Eva material for tool and hardware packaging solutions. One of the most populer industrial custom foam insert solution we use. Here you can find more detail. 

EVA foam materials are of closed cell foam structure. They have lots of excellent performances including good water & moisture resistance, excellent cushioning & shock absorption, strong heat insulation and long term durability etc.. They are quite frequently used by various industries so that we can find out it in many places and products, such as shoe insole, soft foam mats, foam packaging, yoga block, swimming kickboard, floor underlay, custom EVA foam components and so on. We can cut and shape ave foam material according to spefications under roof of Custom Eva Foam Manfacturer supplier and factory. In gere İstanbul Turkey

kasa seperatörü

We consider it appropriate to process hard eva material as a solution for interior divider application. This could be CNC, Waterjet. or Die cut process and colour could be black, gray, white, dark blue, yellow, red and more. There is also material and grade differences to finish product of custom foam insert projects.

Foam Insert Application Examples From Ring, Vase to Cosmetic

Brands and companies want to outsource certain services. One of these services is the custom foam insert Cutting process. For example, if you are a vase production or supply company and you want to create your own brand, you will need to sell through channels such as e-commerce(Amazon-ebay etys maybe) . You will need some protective solutions in cardboard, plastic or wood cases to deliver the product to end consumer. We are, as Tekno Kesim, can design and produce for you.

Jewellery Faom Insert
Promotional Box Foam Insert
Toolbox Foam Insert
Vlevet Foam Insert
tıbbi çanta süngeri
Foam Insert For Medical
Kutu İçi Sünger
Cardboard Foam Insert
ambalaj süngeri
Protective Foam Pe

As you can see, each material has its own specification. When combined with the design, a design suitable for the customer can be created. Our production location is in Istanbul  Turkeyand we have economic solutions for European countries, Russia, middile east countries. These solutions can be country-specific fulfilment advantage and eco shipping in transportation.

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